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What's New?

OH MY GOD!!!! I haven't updated this site in over a month now and I have watched a SHIT TON OF MOVIES. The only reason I'm updating it now is because my girlfriend Lena sent the site to her mom, and I thought, wow, I should probably make sure there's nothing I wouldn't want MY mom to see on here. I don't think there is, but I'm updating it nonetheless. Well, what have I watched? Most recently I saw Bladerunner: 2049, which was of course awesome (I love Ryan Gosling) (he's literally me), and of course the whole time I couldn't help but think of my friend Noah, and his twin brother, Nathan, who I now forever associate with Ryan Gosling. They both love the movie, by the way. I also watched Velvet Goldmine, an obscure-ish Christian Bale (my GOAT) movie that was... interesting to say the least. Actually, it wasn't interesting at all. It was just weird. Basically, it's a David Bowie mock-biopic and a lot of the movie is softcore gay porn. Not my thing. Good soundtrack, though, and Christian Bale makes anything watchable. Oh, and I saw the new Spider-Man movie which was super fun. I also watched Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, two more Christian Bale movies, as you should know. Obviously I loved them. I didn't watch The Dark Knight Rises because it was removed from HBO Max before I watched it, as far as I know. Oh, and I watched Lolita, and I will reserve my comments on that for now just in case Lena's mom checks the site again (it could be awkward). But I gave it two stars on Letterboxd and said, "Would've been better if it was a younger guy and an older woman. Just for artistic purposes obviously." So. Anyways, I also watched The Lighthouse, which was pretty... weird, again, but it made me laugh. Let me just say: if you don't want to see Robert Pattinson jerking off ass naked, DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE. I wish I knew that before I wasted two hours of my life only to see whatever the hell Robert was doing. I also watched a French movie called Au Revoir les Enfants, which was pretty good. It's about a French boarding school that harbors Jewish kids during the Holocaust. I liked it. I also watched The Social Network, which was AMAZING, The Truman Show (for my boy Jim Carrey), Admission (for my cougar bae Tina Fey), and The Big Lebowski. Wow, that was a lot. And I'm sure there's others I forgot. So let's continue.

My Favorites

American Psycho is still my favorite movie, even though I haven't really... seen it... (remember, my parents won't let me watch it yet), but I've watched all the clips from the movie, I've read the book (AMAZING, by the way, my favorite book without a doubt), and I've read up on the movie extensively. And of course Taxi Driver is still a favorite, but another movie that's wiggled itself into a list of my top flicks is The Dark Knight. As you can probably tell, I, like many other people, find a movie 100 times better when I can relate to the character. I think Bruce Wayne and I are pretty similar, except he's a lot cooler than me, and kind of has his shit together, and a lot more money, and also abs, but I think we think about the world in a really similar way. By that I mean we both want to clean up the streets (metaphorically) and make the world a better place. And while we both agree there's good inside of everyone, Batman lets his moral code and empathetic brain to take over, when he should really be thinking with his logical brain. For instance, (and don't read this if you don't want the movie spoiled), when Batman has the option to kill The Joker, but lets him live instead because deep down he believes The Joker could become a better person. Now, I agree that The Joker has good inside him, everyone does, no one is born evil, but when you look at the situation logically, The Joker is not going to become, suddenly, a good samaritan. He is way far gone, and obviously enjoys what he does. It's like how Bruce has evil inside of him, and could at any point decide to hate the world and kill everyone and do a full 180, but of course he won't. So if that were me, I would've just killed The Joker, no harm done. In fact, I believe that may be the way to solve a lot of the world's problems. If, and I know this is impossible, you were able to look into an infant's future when they were born and know for a fact whether or not they'd amount to something, whether or not they'd contribute to the economy, or play a role at all in the world going 'round, and you could see that that child would just end up harming people, or being nothing but a vegetable collecting dust, then you should, in that situation, just exterminate the baby. One time, when I was going down to downtown Atlanta, a saw an obese homeless woman, in her 60s or 70s, walking slowly on the sidewalk. I was apalled because I realized this woman probably has no one who loves her, and if she died nothing bad would happen in the world, the only consequence would be that the Earth was cleaner and rid of one more person who was doing nothing but overcrowding the planet. And yet she was still alive. When I tell people this, and say that she should just die, I know I sound harsh, but that's just my heart speaking. Here's the common argument I get: Well, what about her past? What if she's homeless because of circumstances? And my response to this is, well, she probably was delt a shit hand. And while her state of living is probably her fault, there is the chance it wasn't, and in that case, yes, I feel bad for her, but it's not the past that matters. Only the future. It's not what put her in this situation, it's the fact that it won't change. And as sad as that is, I know, it means NOTHING. But anyways. Idk. Watch Batman.

What's Coming Up?

Hmm... I think I will actually watch American Psycho soon since I'm turning fourteen and my parents may finally deem me old enough to see it. It's weird that they won't let me watch that but will let me watch all this other stuff. I'm excited nonetheless. For Christmas I got a Patrick Bateman Funko Pop. It's now my favorite gift I've ever received.

Stuff I didn't like so much.

Well... I didn't really like Velvet Goldmine, but it wasn't terrible. I don't have much left to say about this stuff. I feel like I haven't been very well spoken in this past update so excuse that.

Personal Life

Okay, wow, the last time I updated this site I was with my ex-girlfriend, Ray, and I talked about how I wasn't that into her and our open relationship and blah blah blah... Ray and I broke up but are still good friends, and I have a new girlfriend, Lena, who is totally awesome. I feel bad though because her mom I think read this before this update and saw me talking bad about Ray and might have thought I was talking about Lena, but I would never do that. In fact, since I've been with Lena I've made two playlists for her, and I listen to them both a lot. I have this one and this one, as well as another playlist with music that she listens to because I want to enjoy the things she enjoys. She listens to a lot of Russian and Israeli stuff, so I've had a couple of artists sneak into my top 20 that would never be there without her, like the popular Russian band Kino, led my Viktor Tsoi, a guy she refers to as "a legendary singer, songwriter, and poet often revered as the father of Russian rock," (from her Letterboxd... which I love). She's really, really into him and the band, so I've been listening to them a lot. It also helps that they make good music. She also recommended I listen to a Jewish woman named Ofra Haza, that sings religious poems and prayers. I actually listen to playlists I associate with Lena a lot because I'm in love with her. Which is kind of silly but I'm a pretty goofy guy so it makes sense. Lena has changed me a lot and I think it's (mostly) all for the better. I'm very inspired by her because she's smarter than everybody else I know and I think understands the world way better than everyone else and I can agree with her on a lot of things. She's always improving and I really admire that about her because it seems like everyone else just gets worse and worse. She's inspired me to be a lot more grateful and compassionate and I guess I just really like her. My friend Noah is skeptic about her though because of some of the weird stuff she's gotten me into and he thinks she's making me gay (which literally makes no sense because she's my girlfriend...) and also I'm pretty sure he's a closet antisemite. I typically take Noah's word as the end-all be-all but I think I'll pass over his judgement just this one time. Annnyyyyyways.

Apart From That...

Here's my playlist for this month, the first of the year. I'm listening to a lot of 70s and 80s music (just like my legend Patrick Bateman), and so you'll see a lot of that. Talking Heads are definitely my favorite artist of all time, David Byrne is my GOAT. Not a lot to say here. Have a good day :)

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