28th of November

Personal Life

Well, I'd typically save an announcement like this for my personal website, but I happen to be in a relationship -- again -- sort of. Here's why "sort of". My girlfriend lives in Ohio, I live in Georgia, and it's also an open relationship because neither of us want to be tied down to a person on a screen throughout our formative years. And I have a pretty bad track record when it comes to monogamy, so this is for the best anyways. But I like her. But let's get to the point, the music. The only reason I bring up this new addition to my love life is because a new relationship for me means a new playlist to listen to on loop for however long the relationship lasts. Typically with my playlists for relationships, I'll shove them full of love songs and stuff that relates to the girl I'm with, but for this one, there's probably only a few songs where the lyrics fit us, and the other ones are just ones that remind me of her, or ones I recommend for them. The playlist features some Jane Birkin, a lovely woman with a lovely voice, Elliott Smith, some Alex G, of course, a couple 12 RODS songs, and a lot more. I'm gonna create a few playlists for Ray (the girlfriend) and I'll talk about each new one. Love to me means a lot of shoegaze and 2000s and 2010s indie, but not that nasty kind of indie that blows up on TikTok (no offense). Oh, and this is kind of old news, but I was going through it with my buddy Noah and this playlist came to life... So take that how you will. I'm not gay though. It's up for interpretation.

Apart From That...

And as for music I've been listening to separate from that relationship, I've mostly been banging this playlist of mine, which is pretty grungy, and I've also been digging into some Aphex Twin and listening to my typical New Wave. I've been looking for a CD player, which I think I'll get for Christmas or my birthday, both of which are two months or less, and so I've been going through a ton of CDs already in my house from my dad and devising a good CD mix for when I get my portable player. Luckily, my dad's music taste in college and early adulthood works really well with how I listen now. Oh, and there's this playlist.

I accidentally lost my music update from 3/12/2021 but to sum it up... this is what I was listening to: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/75iuXB0AamsIQQjM94cTbA?si=0829b5d01a9242ee